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Oracle Database Appliance – Installing patch

Just recently (31 December 2012) the first Patch Bundle (MOS patch name 13539664 – LNX64-112-CMT: PLACE HOLDER BUG FOR OAK PATCH for the ODA was released. This Patch Bundle only contains firmware updates for the shared disks (HDD) and … Continue reading

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Where does SQL*Plus look for configuation files on Solaris

This post will show you the order in which SQL*Plus for Solaris reads the configuration files like the tnsnames.ora. tnsnames.ora $HOME/.tnsnames.ora $TNS_ADMIN/tnsnames.ora /var/opt/oracle/tnsnames.ora $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora If the specified alias is not found in (or the file does not exists) in $HOME/.tnsnames.ora … Continue reading

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sqlnet.expire_time – to restart or not to restart

We had a situation where we had to set the sqlnet.expire_time parameter in the sqlnet.ora file to avoid firewall dropping “inactive” sessions. The only problem was that we were not allowed to restart the listener or the database instance. Searching … Continue reading

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Solaris SMF Oracle Grid agent service killing Oracle instance

In the last couple of months we had some strange problems with all processes of Oracle database and ASM instances just disappearing. The shared memory segment was still there and you could connect internally to the instance, even execute some … Continue reading

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Creating database links for another schema

There are situations (like after cloning databases) where you, as a DBA, want to create database links in other schema’s, for which you don’t have the password. Unfortunately the security of Oracle doesn’t allow (even SYS) you to drop/create database … Continue reading

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Password History – Reusing a password

By setting either one or both the profile limits PASSWORD_REUSE_MAX or PASSWORD_REUSE_TIME are set to anything other than UNLIMITED, Oracle somewhere keeps a history of passwords used by a user. This password history is stored in a table with the … Continue reading

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adrci – No ADR base is set

Some time ago we had a problem using the adrci (ADR Command Interpreter) to look into some diagnostic information for a listener. After staring up the tool it came back with the warning “No ADR base is set”, even while … Continue reading

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Expired passwords in 11g database using 10g client

When I create a new user/schema in an Oracle database I specify a password and immediately use the PASSWORD EXPIRE clause to expire this one-time-use only password. This way I make sure the user/application who is going to use this … Continue reading

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Dump interesting information about Oracle files

Here are some useful statements for generating trace files in your udump directory about various important Oracle files: Get a dump of your controlfiles: ALTER SESSION SET EVENTS ‘IMMEDIATE TRACE NAME CONTROLF LEVEL 10’; Dump the headers for all your … Continue reading

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Privileges for AWR reporting

Sometimes during a project there are people that would like to generate AWR reports. Here are the privilges on certain database objecs that a user needs to be able to generate such reports using SQL*Plus (in this case granted to … Continue reading

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