Oracle Database Appliance – /opt filling up

Last time we had the /opt filesystem on a couple of ODA nodes filling up. It turned out that the OS Watcher archive directory structure (/opt/oracle/oak/osw/archive) contained lots of old files that should have been cleaned by OSWatcher.

When OSWatcher is started, it will also start a script called that is responsible for cleaning up old files. It turned out this script was not running and so the archive directory structure was not cleaned up.


The solution is simply to restart the OSWatcher which in turn will start the script. Execute the following commands as user root:


/opt/oracle/oak/osw/ 10 504 gzip

Check if both and are running using:

ps -ef|grep OSW

oracle   10046 24783  0 10:23 pts/0    00:00:00 grep OSW
root     12704     1  0  2012 ?        01:11:42 /usr/bin/ksh ./ 10 504 gzip
root     12922 12704  0  2012 ?        00:16:48 /usr/bin/ksh ./ 504

Note: it can take a couple of seconds before the script is started, so if it doesn’t show try again a couple of seconds later.

The script will cleanup the old files after a couple of minutes, so after some minutes the /opt/oracle/oak/osw/archive directory structure will be cleaned up.

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