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Oracle RAC – granting SYSDBA or SYSOPER is instance specific

The default location for the password file is $ORACLE_HOME/dbs which in most cases (if you don’t have your ORACLE_HOME on a shared disk) is on a non-shared filesystem. Whenever you grant SYSDBA or SYSOPER to a database user Oracle will … Continue reading

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Creating database links for another schema

There are situations (like after cloning databases) where you, as a DBA, want to create database links in other schema’s, for which you don’t have the password. Unfortunately the security of Oracle doesn’t allow (even SYS) you to drop/create database … Continue reading

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Privileges for AWR reporting

Sometimes during a project there are people that would like to generate AWR reports. Here are the privilges on certain database objecs that a user needs to be able to generate such reports using SQL*Plus (in this case granted to … Continue reading

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