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Oracle Database Appliance – Installing Patch Bundle

We just finished installing ODA Patch Bundle on one of our ODA’s….. There goes one of the key features for the ODA – Simple one-button patch installation. As a DBA (and I think all administrators) are very reserved when … Continue reading

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ORA-00245: control file backup operation failed

A snapshot controlfile is a read consistent copy of a database controlfile which RMAN creates because the controlfile is changed constantly. As of Oracle 11.2 ( to more precise) the snapshot controlfile must be on a location shared by all … Continue reading

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Solaris SMF Oracle Grid agent service killing Oracle instance

In the last couple of months we had some strange problems with all processes of Oracle database and ASM instances just disappearing. The shared memory segment was still there and you could connect internally to the instance, even execute some … Continue reading

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adrci – No ADR base is set

Some time ago we had a problem using the adrci (ADR Command Interpreter) to look into some diagnostic information for a listener. After staring up the tool it came back with the warning “No ADR base is set”, even while … Continue reading

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Simulating ORA-errors

Sometimes it can be useful to simulate a problem in your database by simulating an ORA-error. After we had a nasty bug with Grid Control (GC suddenly wasn’t able to monitor the alertlog of databases anymore, see my post … Continue reading

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Constraint Exceptions

When adding or enabling a constraint on a table, it is possible that an error occurs because of an constraint violation.  If for example you are trying to add a unique constraint to a column (or combination of columns) of … Continue reading

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