Oracle Database Appliance – cleanupDeploy X-windows failure

Whenever something goes wrong during the deployment of an ODA, you can try to fix the problem and restart the deployment from the step where the deployment failed (using the script). Sometimes however when the deployment fails, restarting the deployment doesn’t work and the only (or fastest) solution is to cleanup and start all over. There is a script called which does this for you.

A couple of days ago a colleague of mine needed to use this cleanup script because of an error somewhere in deployment step 15 (RunRootScripts) and the deployment couldn’t be restarted. After using the script for cleaning up the failed ODA deployment the ODA was brought back to the pre-deployment state, but he wasn’t able to open an xterm (problem with X-windows) for starting the graphical ODA deployment process.

It took some time before the problem was found, but the problem was that the script removed the localhost entry from the /etc/hosts file. Manually adding this line to the /etc/hosts file on both ODA nodes fixed the problem.
So just add the following line to the /etc/hosts file:    localhost.localdomain localhost

The problem seams to exist only in script. Running a from the image did not remove this line from the /etc/hosts file.

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